Things You Should Consider When Replacing Your Roof

A good roofing system is a necessity for the protection of your home. Therefore, if you are considering a change from your existing roofing, it should be chosen carefully after a good amount of consideration of the different choices available to you in the market.

In this blog, we are discussing the things you should consider when replacing your roof.

Things you should consider when replacing your roof

1. Do you really need a roof replacement?

Before getting started with the things to consider when replacing the roof, it is necessary to look into whether it is the right decision for you. A roof is bound for replacement if:

(a) The roof has not changed or been replaced since 20 - 25 years ago.

(b) There has been a noticeable leak from the roof that is affecting the home or business.

(c) The roofing sheets have cracks.

(d) Moss is growing on the roof

(e) Roof sagging

If these points are all checked off, or even some of them, then it is time to have a roof replacement.

2. Choose the product wisely

The type of roofing material that you need to now look for in your home or business. There will certainly be many different options that you can look into, and probably most of the materials that you get to choose will not even have been in existence when you laid down the roof for the first time. It gives you the opportunity to have a roofing system that is technologically advanced, better combats different weather conditions, and also provides better leakage-proof.  In metals, aluminium roofing is now a thing, which provides much more protection and has much better longevity and energy efficiency.

A good roofing service provider will help you choose the best one that fits your needs and budget.

3. Get the right roofing material

There are many elements that come into play when choosing the right roofing materials. It will be ideal to go for good quality materials, like Oralium Aluminium Roofing sheets, as oralium promise strength, lighter weight, corrosion resistance, malleability, and so on.

When the right materials are chosen, the capability of the roof to last for more than 20 years is definite. 


4. What does the roof replacement process look like?

The first step to starting a roofing replacement process is to load down the materials at your place and make sure that you leave ample space for unloading the materials. 

They tear out the existing roofing material and then start the process of laying out the new material. Once the process is complete, the contractor makes sure that place is clean and leaves the premises. 

Replacing the roof is going to be messy, especially when it comes to the noise that the entire process can make. It is not possible to reduce or avoid it, so you need to look for a way around it. 

If you are changing the roofing system in your home and there are kids and elderly people at home, it will be ideal to help them move to a friend’s or relative’s home until the roof replacement is over.

5. How long your roof replacement will last

The life span of your roof replacement will have a direct link to the kind of materials used for the process. The guarantee that the manufacturer gives if the roofing replacement procedure goes as per the terms, that is, properly installed and ventilated, goes up to a straight 25 years without any hassle. To make it last this long, you will need to make sure that the roofing was done using the right materials and procedures.

6. How much will your roof replacement cost

The cost of a roof replacement will directly depend on the kind of roofing material that you choose. If you choose expensive roofing materials, then the replacement cost will increase. As well, if you choose a material like aluminium, initial investment in aluminium roofing sheets will be higher. In the long run it will be cost-effective compared to normal GI sheets due to the base metal being aluminium. Discussing the budget with your contractor will be a good idea to make sure that you do not go over the budget. 

7. Hire a local roofing contractor

The choice of the roofing contractor plays an important role in the replacement process. Always go for a roofing contractor who has a physical office near your place of business or home. This ensures that you get in touch with them as and when there is a requirement, and they will be able to provide you with the right maintenance of your roofing. 

8. Ask About Refuse Material Disposal

The leftover materials of the old roofing and the scraps of the new roofing material have to be taken care of in the right way. If the contractor is not asked to leave earlier, it can leave a great mess, which will not be ideal for you. So, ask beforehand about how they plan to get rid of the scraps, and get them to do the work only if they provide a valid answer. 

9. Read the Paperwork Carefully

The paperwork is an important part of the roofing contract, so read it carefully before signing it. The products used, the cost of materials, the labour charges, the maintenance period, and so on have to be clearly mentioned in the contract. Another important point will be the warranty clause and how repairs and maintenance will be done during the warranty period.

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