Frequently Asked Questions

Oralium Roofing Sheets meet global aluminum standards and are made of 3105,5052 Series Aluminum, ensuring resistance to rust. Aluminium roofing sheets are even suitable for high-humidity and coastal areas prone to rusting.

Metal roofing sheets do not possess inherent resistance to lightning, and they do not attract lightning strikes on their own. However, it is advisable for all tall buildings to have adequate earthing to ensure safety against lightning-related harm.

One of the unique properties of aluminium is that it has a higher thermal conductivity, it absorbs and releases heat more quickly to the exterior. This results in lower ambient temperature inside the buildings.

Oralium Roofing Sheets offers a 15-year paint warranty for PVDF paint coating and a 7-10-year warranty for SDP coating.

Oralium uses advanced paint technology with a warranty that prevents paint cracking and peeling, ensuring the roof maintains a new appearance throughout its lifespan. 

GI roofing sheets are often considered cost-effective but have certain drawbacks. These sheets have durability concerns due to potential corrosion over time. GI sheet is coated with zinc for protection against corrosion, but they can still deteriorate, particularly when the coating is damaged or when they are exposed to harsh environmental conditions. This results in a shorter lifespan for GI roofing sheets, typically ranging from 8 to 10 years. This required regular maintenance and recoating to mitigate corrosion issues. Eventually, the need for replacement becomes inevitable, incurring additional costs and contributing to long-term expenses.
Furthermore, GI sheets are heavier, they require more robust structure support during installation. These additional support requirements can elevate construction costs. When opting for GI sheets for roofing, these factors should be thoughtfully considered to manage long-term costs effectively.

 Sound during rainfall is a common occurrence on all types of metal roofs. The noise level can be significantly reduced by incorporating any sound insulation material beneath the roofing sheets. Another effective approach is to consider using Oralium sandwich panels.

 To avoid bimetallic corrosion, it is recommended to use Aluzinc or primer-coated purlins and class 3 screws with EPDM washers.

 Yes, Oralium 5052 marine-grade alloy sheets are engineered with exceptional corrosion resistance and rust-proof properties, these roofing sheets provide unrivaled durability in the face of severe humidity and saline air.

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We have been certified by the National Test House, Government of India, which validates our commitment to quality. Our products undergo rigorous testing, including impact resistance tests, scratch tests, chemical tests, and salt spray tests. Moreover, we adhere to the IS 737:2008 set by the Metallurgical Engineering Division Council, ensuring that our aluminum and aluminum alloy sheets and strips meet the specifications required for general engineering purposes. 

 Aluminum roofing sheets are considered safe and do not pose any health hazards.

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