Exclusive European design - for the first time in India, for home roofing

Oralium, in line with its innovations in the roofing sector, presents Novatile, the new residential roofing profile featuring exclusive European design in a range of attractive colours and textures to match the aesthetics of contemporary homes. Novatile is created from superior-grade aluminium alloy – 3004 for a metallic finish and 3105 for a textured finish.

Parameters            Dimensions
Supplied width       1150 mm
Covered width        1045 mm
Thickness               0.50 mm onwards
Length                    8,10,12,14 (in ft)

Cloud Grey
Fire Red
Mud Yellow
Metallic Copper
Metallic Brown
Metallic Grey
Champagne Gold

Frequently Asked Questions

Novatile features an exclusive Italian design, the first of its kind in home roofing in India. They are made from premium quality aluminium alloy to give a metallic or textured finish.

Yes. Oralium Novatile roofing sheets are available in matte finish in different colours, such as cloud grey, fire red, and mud yellow.

 According to your preference, you can choose from glossy shades such as brick red, mahogany brown, and cool grey or matte shades like cloud grey, mud yellow, fire red, rustic bronze and stone black.

Oralium Novatile roofing sheets are tough, durable, and corrosion resistant. They offer higher coverage and come with a warranty for both base metal and paint.
Oralium Novatile roofing sheets are 8,10,12,14 feet long, offering a supplied width of 1150 mm, covered width of 1045 mm and thickness of 0.50 mm and above.

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