Ensures maximum coverage for your roof

Best suited for large industrial sheds and so on, Oralium Wide profile ensures maximum width of coverage. It is lightweight and easy to install. Besides, it can be cut to length to suit any requirements


Parameters              Dimensions       
Supplied Width         1100 mm                        
Covered Width          1020 mm                       
Length                       Up to 7.4 metre             
Thickness Range      0.40 - 0.91 mm              

Mahogany Brown
Brick Red
Cool Grey
Dark Green
Deep Sea Blue

Frequently Asked Questions

With 20% more coverage than other roofing sheets, Oralium Wide is best suited for large industrial projects such as poultry and cattle farm sheds, industrial warehouses and railway stations.
It offers maximum coverage for large industrial roofing and is lightweight and easy to install. The sheets can also be cut to desired lengths to suit any requirements.
Oralium wide roofing sheets have a thickness range of 0.40-0.71 mm, allowing you to choose the appropriate thickness for your specific requirements.
The sheets are available in different solid colours, including brick red, mahogany brown, and cool grey.
5 rib and 6 rib Oralim Wide roofing sheets have a length of up to 7.4 metre.

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