Terms of Warranty

This limited warranty shall be subjected to the following conditions: -


  1. This warranty only applies to the product purchased by the purchaser from an authorized distributor / dealer/ retailer of the Company.

  2. The period of warranty begins from the time when the product is shipped from the premises of the Company.

  3. The term “lifetime warranty” means “Life time rustproof warranty’. Oralium certifies its products to be rustproof for lifetime after rigorous and controlled tests from certified agencies under lab conditions which are similar to the climatic conditions prevailing in India.

  4. The customer shall inspect the product prior to transportation and shall raise any complaints regarding the product (if any) prior to the transportation of the product to the desired location.

  5. The complaints raised by the customer shall be in writing. If there are no complaints, it shall be deemed that the products are free from any faults and the customer is satisfied with the product.

  6. The customer shall have an option to arrange for the transportation of the product or in the alternative request the company to transport the product.

  7. The logistics company is in no way an agent or partner of the Company and therefore the Company shall not in any way be liable for any damage caused during transportation of the product.

  8. The warranty shall only be legally binding for products installed within the geographical territory of India.

  9. The liability of the Company is restricted to the extent of replacement of faulty materials which is at the sole discretion of the Company.

  10. The customer represents and warrants that the customer shall engage persons who have knowledge and expertise in the installation of the product. In the event the damage on the product is caused due to faulty installations, the company shall not be liable for any costs including but not limited to expenses, loss and damages incurred by the customer.

  11. The Company shall also not be liable for any labour and charges incurred for removing and replacing the products. The replacement of products shall be effected with the return of the originally installed products.

  12. Customer represents and warrants that it shall adhere to all the instructions provided by the company to install the product. The warranty shall be applicable for roofing installation only where it is at an incline of not more than75°from the vertical.

  13. Any warranty issued to the customer shall be transferable subject to the customer producing the original invoice of purchase of the product at the time of application for transfer. The transfer shall be at the sole discretion of the Company

  14. Exclusion of Liability in certain cases:

  1. Act of God, natural occurrences beyond the control of the Company including but not limited to earth quake, floods ,fire, storm, cyclone, torrential rain, hailstorm , falling object, external force , explosions, riots, civil commotions, act of war , radiation , harmful gases & fumes , acid rains, chemicals or foreign substances in the atmosphere

  2. Product installed in ways not recommended by the Company such that, there is direct contact with animals, animal wastes or decomposed materials.

  3. Application of any foreign material/paint/lacquer/covering or any treatment over the product will result in exclusion from warranty

  4. Products which has suffered scratching/abrasion/impact by a hard object, has been misused, altered, modified used in a manner not originally intended or stored contrary to instruction of the Company.

  5. Any claim arising due to failure to remove debris and/or failure to provide free drainage of water including internal condensation from all surfaces of the product.

  6. Product stored in an uninstalled form for a period exceeding 6 months from the date of purchase of the product.

  7. Once the product is installed at a particular location, any shifting, removal and reinstallations of the product will result in exclusion of warranty.

  8. Uniform change of colour, fading of coating colour, change of coating colour caused by dust, dripping from trees, leaves, pipes or other structures and change of gloss of coating.

  9. Deterioration in quality of the product due to direct / indirect contact with chemical fumes before, during or after the installation after the same is purchased by the customer.

  10. Damage/Deterioration in quality of the product so purchased by the customer caused by use of improper fastener, improper structuring or base on which the product is placed, or improper installation of the product or use of inferior quality of fastening product, which are not recommended by the company.

  11. This warranty applies only to the products which have been exposed to normal weather conditions encountered beyond 3km of the ocean or water body having saline content.

  12. Any deteriorations/damage caused to the product due to contaminated air with smoke from burning of wood or other matter, chemical fumes, industrial pollutants, fumes of deleterious gases, ammonia, chlorine, saltpetre, ash, cement dust, carbon black, salts or other substances or continuous high humidity.

  13. Warranty would stand invalid if the sheets come in contact with cement dust, wet or dry concrete or any abrasive materials before or after installation.

  14. This warranty does not cover for the damages and difficulties caused due to condensation, as it is a natural phenomenon.

  15. Usage of accessories incompatible with aluminium makes the warranty invalid.

  16. The limited warranty excludes mill finish products and is only applicable on pre-painted aluminium products of Oralium.

  17. The company reserves absolute right & discretion on deciding conditions & the type of environments which are best suited for installation of the product for maximum quality, and such decision shall be final and binding up on the customer, any variation of installation from such advice, will result in exclusion of warranty.

  18. Customer must clean the installed product at least every 6 months, or when there is a deposit of any kind on the product. In the event the accessories used on the product such as fasteners and the like, or the structural bases such as truss, purlins and the like on which the product is placed have deteriorated in any way including but not limited to rusting or corrosion, the same shall be replaced by the customer and any damage on the product due to the deterioration of the accessories and the structural bases shall be excluded from warranty.

  19. The certificate issued by the non authorised dealer shall be disentitled for the warranty covered by this warranty certificate.

  20. Customer should not use any chemical cleaners on the colour coated products, at any time.

  21. Surfaces of the installed product must be freely exposed to washing by rainfall and should be kept clean and free from all debris and water logging on the roof must be avoided and the overlapping gap must be properly sealed to prevent the ingress of water.

  1. The installation and maintenance of the product shall be in accordance with the guidelines prescribed by the Company which is indicative and not exhaustive.

  2. The limited warranty shall be valid only if it is duly signed, sealed and stamped by the authorized distributor/dealer of ORALIUM with the date of purchase stamped on the certificate.

  3. The Customer shall raise the complaint in writing to the authorized dealers from whom they had purchased the product within 24 hours of noticing the manufacturing defect on the product, or else the warranty stands expired.

  4. If a manufacturing defect is noted by the Customer before installation, it shall be immediately brought to the notice of the Company. In such an event, the customer shall abate from installing the product until the defect is inspected and assessed by the Company.

  5. In the event of claim, the customer shall produce the original purchase receipt and duly stamped signed warranty certificate, in addition the customer shall demonstrate and satisfy the company that the failure of the product was due to manufacturing defect.

  6. The Customer shall grant the Company the right to inspect the premises and the product in the event of any complaint raised by the Customer. The Company may formulate an inspection report based on the finding in the premises that the product is installed and it shall be binding on the parties. Any additional expenses and charges towards the inspection of the product shall be borne by the customer.

  7. The exclusive decision under this warranty is under the sole discretion of the company to replace the defective product (excluding accessories and installation charge) the defective material is to be uninstalled and handed over to the company at the dealer/ retailer point, and the customer agrees that liability of the company is restricted as stated and no other claim in this regard shall be entertained.

  8. The Company may terminate the warranty at any time if it is found that the customer failed to adhere to the instructions regarding the installation and maintenance of the product.

  9. Severability: In the event any part of this warranty certificate is held invalid or unenforceable, the remainder of this warranty certificate shall not be affected, and the remaining terms will continue in effect and be binding on the Company and the customer.

  10. This limited warranty shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance with Indian laws & courts of Mumbai shall have exclusive jurisdiction with respect to all matters arising from this warranty between the parties

  11. The lifetime of an aluminum sheet shall be for a period of 30 years.


ORALIUM has tested its products under controlled circumstances over a period of time at independent lab and thereby lifetime rustproof warranty is granted. The same has been certified after rigorous and controlled tests from certified agencies under lab conditions.