5 reasons you need a new roof!

As the building roofs age and deteriorate, they may face several problems at once forcing building owners to install a new roof to avoid further damage & subsequent loss.

Here we list down the common problems that usually lead to exterior replacements in commercial or residential buildings. It would be best to attend to these problems on an urgent basis -

It’s been over 2 decades that you haven’t changed your roof

A typical roofing sheet lasts for about 2 decades before developing considerable damage. It is always a good idea to be safe than sorry and replace your roof if it has lived its life. Installing Oralium Aluminium Roofing Sheets is the smart choice that you should make.

Screw holes in the roof panels are enlarged

Roofing sheets made of metal are held together by screws. Gradually, as time passes, movement in the roof panels and natural deterioration can cause these holes to increase in size around the screws. And big screw holes lead to 2 kinds of problems: one where water will seep through these small openings causing a myriad of problems, secondly, holes eventually get big enough for the whole roofing sheet to fall off. You need to act fast if you notice the holes getting bigger. Aluminium Roofing Sheets by Oralium would be the best case scenario.

The accumulated water on the roof

Over the course of many years and many seasons, the roofing sheets withstand through the harsher climatic conditions, often getting damaged. One such scenario is the accumulation of water on the roof. After every monsoon season, there is a high possibility of water accumulating on the roofing sheet and staying for a period of a few days or weeks even. This can cause damage to the roofing sheet which may need quick resolving. Installing Aluminium Roofing Sheets by Oralium would definitely be the best option.

A roof deck that sags in many places

A deck is situated between the exterior of the roof and the faces on the interior. Water leaks often make the decks sag inwards. The more your deck sags, the more leaks your roof has. If your problem is much more complex, then having the roof changed would be the ideal scenario.

The roof shingles are damaged

Roof Shingles often get damaged due to the constant wear and tear throughout their lifespan. The roof shingles may curl and get damaged or they may even crack due to high-speed winds. The roof shingles may also be covered with moss or algae, damaging the roof over a period of time.

All the aforementioned are signs that your building requires a new roof & what better than installing an aluminium roofing sheet?

Being the largest selling aluminium roofing sheet brand, Oralium offers world-class quality and variety. Championing the use of original 3105 aluminium alloy for roofing and cladding, Oralium ensures lasting performance and aesthetic looks. Be it industrial, commercial or residential use, Oralium has an array of options that are low on maintenance and high on resale value.

Oralium Aluminium Roofing Sheets are available in varied options including Oralium Strong, Oralium Grantile, Oralium Wide & Oralium Tile.

The splendid design, durability and value for money make Oralium the best choice for any roofing requirement.

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