Rain Water Harvesting - Facts, Uses & Benefits

Water is the most precious natural resource that we know and ironically something that most of us take for granted. We are now increasingly becoming aware of the importance of water to our survival and the truth of its limited supply.

With more and more areas struggling with droughts, conserving water today is more relevant & more important than ever. Even if you’re not living in a drought-affected region, cutting back on water use or saving water also means a lower utility bill and helps conserve a precious resource that the whole world is dependent upon every single day.

Rainwater Harvesting simply involves the collection of water from surfaces on which rain falls, and subsequently storing this water for later use. Normally water is collected from the roofs of buildings or the establishments and stored in rainwater tanks or a container and treated properly for further use.


Some facts and advantages regarding Rainwater Harvesting -

  • In China, Argentina, and Brazil, roof rainwater harvesting is used to provide drinking water, domestic water, water for livestock, water for small irrigation, and a way to replenish groundwater levels. Gansu province in China and semiarid northeast Brazil have the largest rooftop rainwater harvesting projects going on.
  • About 40% of Thailand's rural population utilizes rainwater harvesting. Rainwater harvesting was promoted heavily by the government in the 1950s. In the 1990s, after government funding for the collection tanks ran out, the private sector stepped in and provided several million tanks to private households, many of which continue to be used today. This is one of the largest examples of self-supply of water worldwide.
  • Rainwater harvesting is mandatory for new homes built in Santa Fe, New Mexico.
  • Texas offers a sales tax exemption for the purchase of rainwater harvesting equipment.
  • Both Texas and Ohio allow rainwater harvesting to be used even for potable purposes.
  • Oklahoma passed the Water for 2060 Act in 2012, to promote pilot projects for rainwater and gray water use among other water-saving techniques.
  • In the United Kingdom, water butts are often found in domestic gardens and on allotments to collect rainwater, which is then used to water the garden.
  • Frankfurt Airport has the biggest rainwater harvesting system in Germany. The system helps save approximately 1 million cubic meters of water per year.

Rainwater collected from roofs installed above the establishments can be used for various purposes -

Because the rainwater collected from the roofs cannot be used for drinking purposes, it has many domestic purposes, the rainwater can be used to wash the utensils, can be utilized to clean the floors of the establishment or could be used to clean any structures or any metal furniture inside the establishment. It can also be used to clean vehicles or for bathing pets.

Utilizing the rainwater collected from the roof sheets installed above the establishments could be used to water the plants. Because Rainwater is generally free of any harmful pollutants or man-made contaminants it is perfectly safe to water the flora using the collected water.

Making good use of the rainwater collected from the roof sheets installed above the establishments can help in reducing the global electricity costs because dams & hydropower plants generally utilize water to generate electricity & when there is a widespread application of rainwater harvesting.

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What is Rainwater Harvesting? - Oralium

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